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February 2013

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pre-college drama

As it turns out, next semester starts tomorrow. I thought it started next Monday.

I have no idea how my parents I and both screwed this concept up. I only figured it out on Saturday when one of my college mates asked why I was coming back to school so late (I was returning next Friday!). Which led to a discussion of when school started. I could kiss her for the realization I was about to miss the whole first week of school! Gasp! I'm stressed out just thinking about it.

So yesterday afternoon was full of endless phone calls to the airport and searching online for best deals. See, I need to fly out to my college; a trip which takes at least 12 hours. Finally my mom was able to book me a flight to leave the next day (today). Assuming everything goes right, I'll fly into my college town about 8:30am. Then I'll take a taxi to my dorm hall, drop my shit off, hopefully have a chance to shower, then go to my first class at 10:00am, jet-legged and all.


I still feel shitty for my mom dishing out all that extra money. The only way we could get a ticket was to have me fly first class during one of my flights. I've never flown first class before and I honestly don't want to. It makes me feel extra shitty cause I'm going in my sweatpants and superman shirt with a backpack and I don't look first class at all! I'm just a college student! Dx I have to think of something to do to make it up to her. Working harder on my classes this semester??? I dunno. I planned on doing that anyway.

I also had plans for the rest of this week! I'll miss having to see my best friend before I go back! The world is so cruel sometimes! She was going to come and visit me today! :CCC

But I'm working on being positive! Once I get to the airport it will be all good thoughts. Maybe I can write some J2 goodness. Or start that new Jodi Picult book. Or play a KH game. SO MANY CHOICESSSS.

Now I need to go finish packing since I leave in an hour.

EDIT;;; I was all packed and ready to go when I get a call from the airport saying my flight was rescheduled until later tonight. lololol